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Newbie Guide

Page history last edited by rgs 12 years, 5 months ago

Questions About the Wiki


I see all these neat character pages. How do I add my own?

You're certainly welcome to add your own, and we hope you do! To do this, just request access. This will require you making a pbwiki account, of course. Once you have the account, and are logged in, follow these steps:


1. Navigate to the Character Index page.

2. Click "edit" at the top of the page. This will reload the page, and take you into "editing" mode.

3. Place your cursor in the edit window, and scroll down to where your character's name should be.

4. Type in the name, then hi-light it so that the text is black.

5. Look up at the bar with all the icons. On what's probably the top row, look for a world picture with a chain "link" on it. Click this. It should bring up a little dialogue window.

6. Confirm the new page name, then click "Ok."

7. Click "save."

8. Now, scroll to your character's name, and enter "Create a New Page" by clicking on it.


Where's a good place to start with making a character? Are there any needed concepts, etc.?

This Theme Guide offers a quick and easy overview of our game world. This is suggested reading if you are a first time visitor to our theme site as well as if you are an older player that needs a quick refresher on our content, tone, and theme.


As for what type of character to make, Tenebrae wants players to feel welcome to play whatever they wish, so there is no list of wanted concepts. Instead, focus on what you want to play.


How do I post logs? My log is messing up when I post it?

Post logs to Game Logs, with the most recent addition at the top. Social, scene, and PRP logs are all welcome! Logs pasted into the wiki from Windows can tend to lose their spacing. There's a few quick tricks if you're comfortable with Find and Replace in your favorite text editor to correct that, or simply go into "edit" mode in the wiki and do the editing there.


How do I read the histories?

The histories are in reverse order, with the most recent events on the top.


Why are there two wikis?

The wikis serve different purposes. One wiki (wiki.tenebraemush.net) holds the main theme information. This wiki is player-run (with input from staff), and hosts recent events and recent updates. Eventually they'll be consolidated.



Questions About the Game


What's going on the world? What are the recent events?

Take a look at the Recent History. This isn't updated as often as the logs are, however.


What's RP like? What can I expect?

You can view some recent examples on our Game Logs page.


How many alts can I have? Are there any policies I should be aware of?

Our Policies talk about alts, behavior, and how to handle any difficulty you come across. Naturally, we hope there won't be any issues, but they may crop up from time to time.


What's the best way to get involved?

This is a hard question to answer. The best answer is just, "be active."


How do I do legwork, or find out more about a plot?

Need some help doing legwork for a plot? Not sure how to do it? Check out our Legwork Guide. Aside from legwork, talk to other characters, arrange RP, and work with DMs.


How can I find something on the grid? Are there shops?

The best thing to do is to look around. +help vendors can help with buying and selling. You may also wish to look at the city directory.


How do I run PrPs? Can I run PrPs? Where do I send the logs?

Tenebrae encourages players to get involved and run PrPs. See the official wiki for some guidelines; you'll note they are fairly loose to encourage creativity. When posting a PrP log for review, you can email it to staff (see +staff ingame), or use the Game Logs section. With all PrP logs, please be sure you leave in all relevant game information such as rolls made by the scene DM and the participants.



Questions About Dungeons and Dragons


I don't have the books. Can I still play?

Most of the DnD source material is available at www.d20srd.org and other websites. Pathfinder, (which is DnD 3.75), will be available online, also at sites such as www.pathfindersrd.com.


Are there any house rules? What PrCs can I use? What feats...?

Eventually there will be a page for these. For now, check the official theme wiki.


What's this about Pathfinder?

We are planning to eventually migrate to Pathfinder. Pathfinder is an "upgrade" to 3.5 by Paizo (called 3.75), and backwards compatable, so you will not be required to learn a new system. You can find out more about Pathfinder by visiting Paizo's website. Paizo's license permits sites such as www.d20srd.org, and a number of Pathfinder-friendly wikis and websites are already in place, so you will have the same number of friendly, available electronic references that you are used to, and be able to use the 3.5 books you'd already purchased.


This transition will not happen overnight, and staff will take time and effort to make sure the transition goes smoothly. It does not mean you should not make a new character, or not continue to enjoy an old one. In the meantime, you can follow and participate in the discussion.

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