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Not-so-recent History

Page history last edited by rgs 12 years, 10 months ago


Why does everyone talk about Merkabah all the time?  Who was Whitefoot?  What the heck is going on in Am'shere with the druids?  Sometimes 'historical' events are important because a DM builds upon or references them in a scene, and sometimes older characters wax poetic and it would be nice to know what they are talking about since technically your character was in Alexandria and would have experienced whatever in the heck Merkabah was.  Either way, it's nice to have a place to go to quickly catch up on some not-so-recent events. 


Here we will post short descriptions of some of the major events on the game; feel free to add your own.  'Major' doesn't necessarily mean 'metaplot' (although you'll find most of the metaplots here), but it should have had fairly far-reaching consequences: that one time you killed an ankheg for those farmers in the PrP probably shouldn't go up here, unless it was revealed that the ankhegs were being controlled by an evil druid from Am'shere who wishes to form an alliance with Charn and...well, you get the idea.  Most of what is up here is generally known, so feel free to assume your character knows about it unless the entry says otherwise. Also, please feel free to add to these entries!


This listing is in chronological order with the oldest events at the top and most recent events towards the bottom. For recent history, please visit that page.


The Eidolon Court

Marking the end of the thousand year seal placed over the world by The Eidolons, the Holy Land, long hidden from the eyes of men, was revealed again in the center of the deepest portions of the Eldwyn Forest. Here whispers of the gods known as The Eidolon Hymn, could be partially heard to those who listened to them. Continued excavations of this region revealed the remains of an ancient city that had been constantly built upon and rebuilt, predating even the Kulthian Era. In the depths of this Court, several religious treasures were also found. Pilgrimages to The Eidolon Court continue to this day.


The Lich King

An ancient ring served as the incentive for a vast treasure hunt that ultimatly led to the discovery of the ancient ruins of the once thriving magical city of Genrivia, which was betrayed in the era preceeding the founding of the Convocation of Rune by a man who came to be known as The Lich King. His return was prevented by adventurers, a seemingly ageless Necromancer known as Nikodemus and an eccentric but powerful ancient black dragon to whom there was more then met the eye. Following this, continued excavations of Genrivia continue til this day though the site would remain the source of near constant troubles.


The Children of Garm

For many years, the Children of Garm--cult-like followers of Caracoroth that are typically lycanthropes--have attempted to ruin the Great Hunt for the followers of Gilead and Dana.  They have hunted the hunters, both in groups and individually, and after many years of this the populace is much less likely to participate in the Hunt festivities.


The Leviathan Incident

An experimental Charnese airship is discovered which, when completed, will have the ability to successfully sail into The Everstorm which covers the region where the ancient city of Kulthus was said to once have been. With the aid of sky pirates, Adventurers are able to successfully see to the destruction of this ship, which Charn later denies existence of in deference to the treaty between themselves and Myrddion.


Phalnax Falcis Rebellion

Remnants of the insurgency that fought the occupation of the Daemon Queen Altima during the era known as the occupation year, turned their ire to Myrddion, as the empire had broken treaty by extending their control over the region beyond the original agreed upon years for purposes of maintaining a safe bulwark against Charn. Led by the efforts of one Augustus Alexandros, who by name and title claimed to be the true heir to the Old Alexandros Kingdom, they initiated a number of terrorist strikes against Myrrish holdings while working to whip the Alexandrian native citizens into a frenzy. Eventually they siezed control of the Spell Cannon from an entity known as The Mana Witch (Who turned out to be the cursed form of a former lover of Augustus). The Spell Cannon itself, a weapon capable of firing powerful strikes against locations by collapsing planar walls around them, effectively destroying them in the resulting shockwaves. It turned out that Augustus' true intentions, learned from time under the tutelage of a mysterious individual known only as Saluven, was to attempt to break a mysterious 'seal' over the Eidolon Court and to absorb the energies that were released into himself - transcending humanity to become a divine being. He was only partially successful. Adventurers interrupted the ceremony and were able to drive Augustus off in battle. It is believed, following this, that the gods imprisoned him in a demiplane.


Theft of the Holy Sword of Ea

Agents in Charn working in concert with the efforts of a Demon Cult known as the Cult of the Flesh, and it's leader a Balor named Tyrhannix, orchestrated an elaborate theft of the Myrrish artifact known as Einlazer, the Holy Sword of Ea. They believed this weapon was at least partially responsible for the laws that prevented demon kind from freely entering the world and soughtt o corrupt or destroy it. The sword was recovered through the efforts of Dragonier, Myrrish and Adventuring  participants from Alexandria though in the process it was discovered that Charn had the capability of creating stealthed airships.


Whitefoot's War

Whitefoot was a ghost who wished for everyone to have immortality.  As part of his plan, the city was overrun with undead and constructs so that he could steal Big Ben, the giant war golem, from the Engineer's Enclave.  He hoped that he could rip peoples' souls from their bodies and implant them into immortal war golems, freeing people from what he considered to be Vardama's tyrrany.  However, a group of adventurers were able to free Ben, who then attacked and killed Whitefoot so no one else would have to share his fate.  This latter part of the story is not known by many people; all they know is that suddenly the undead and constructs stopped attacking.


Merkabah Siege

Saluven, an effectively immortal artificer from the Kulthian era, raised the ancient flying city of Merkabah and attacked Alexandros, attempting to gain control of the Eidolon Court under the delusion that doing so would let him free his imprisoned brethren from their prison on The Phantom Moon.  To create an effective diversion, he attacked the city with an army of constructs and summoned demons.  In a coordinated effort, the regional military, myrrish forces, and Alexandrian adventurerers were able to bring the flying city down, culminating in an attack on it by use of the ancient weapon known as the Spell Cannon (Planar Disjunction Beam.) By summoning the power of the god Daeus, the high priest Samuel was able to temporarily seal the powers of the Eidolon Court to prevent future abuses. Folowing this, under intense international pressure, Myrddion released Alexandria from its control.


Barntos and the Garnaks

Many years ago now, the Temple of Vardama was taken over by Thulians bent on sacrificing the Vardamans to their dark god.  This was only possible with the betrayal of the head of the Vardaman church at the time, Barntos, who, as it turned out, had become a vampire.  Later, although this part is not common knowledge, Barntos founded the Garnaks, an elite race of vampire priests of Thul, who took over the city-state of Blar.  A group of adventurers were able to prevent these priests from bringing an avatar of Thul into the world; as a result, Blar became allied with Alexandria. 



The Antonites are a very conservative group of Vardamans who actively seek out and destroy undead.  They believe that people are better off dead than undead, and would not think twice about killing innocent people to prevent them from being turned into undead.  Their patron saint, St. Anton, was revealed to be a vampire who had eventually been turned himself; he has now been destroyed.


Lady Sandiel

Lady Sandiel received her title by teaching the elves of Mythwood how to use guns.  No, really!  And then when she went to buy a house, the house was infested with vampires.  One of which she had to kiss to prevent him from biting her.  ...Okay, this isn't common knowledge or a major event, but it should definitely be preserved somewhere. 

Comments (2)

rgs said

at 4:35 pm on Apr 29, 2009

Thank you for making this! It is awesome. :)

Maelstrom said

at 1:17 am on May 8, 2009

I've added events that may pre-date Chinook's time here or memory :) Long time players are encouraged to add to this as well. If an event isn't on here it's probably due to us being senile. :)

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