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Recent History

Page history last edited by rgs 12 years, 7 months ago



Events of recent interest go in this section of the wiki.  Players are encouraged to help document the history of The Mux by using this section to keep everyone current on recent happenings both large and small that have some sort of impact on the game. Keep people appraised of current events and also provide outlets for interested players to have a window by means to see the type of things happening in the game world through noting them here and then providing a link to a roleplay log of this events. Social Roleplay, Secret Meetings, Bar Brawls, Adventure in Forgotten Places, Player Run Plots, Dungeon Master Scenes and more are all welcome here.


Rules for Posting

Events are documented based on 'Seasons'. Although daily roleplay takes place at a more casual pace, things like Special Events, Dungeon Master Plots and Player Run Plots often occur over a condenced period of time and make judicious use of Dramatic Time (For example, a scene may take one evening to run but may actually take place over a series of days to the perspective of the characters involved due to the hand waving of travel time via the Dramatic Time clause.) As a result, events posted are organized by 'Seasons (Spring, Summer, Etc.)  and all postings of occurences are assumed to have happened during the course of the passing of that season.


If you post a recent event and have a roleplay log, please include a link to that log at the end of your post.



About Current Events

The following are major current events, crisis, and plot happenings on the game. At any point in time, several events may be going on. Check here from time to time to see what the latest global happenings are.


The War for Sendor (More...)

WAR!!! After seasons of hedged neutrality, the asassination of a major city official causes the nation-state of Alexandros to openly join the fight against the agressive advances of the Ogre Nation of Bludgun. In doing so they join efforts with the alliance led by the Myrrish Kingdoms to free the ravaged nation of Sendor from its captors and to drive the Bludguni back into their desolate lands. As part of these efforts, many members of the regional adventuring community are joining the Alexandrian and Myrrish forces as 'Irregulars' in search of gold, magic and glory and others are simply going along for the ride in search of whatever particualr fancy happens to strike them at that moment in time. For recaps and further information please see: Event: War In Sendor.



A season ago a star-stone fell from the skies and passed over the Inner Kingdoms to impact into the depths of the Inmost sea with devestating results as a great tidal wave rushed outward from the point of impact and crashed against the coastline of all three continents.  Alexandria was, unfortunantly, one of the cities hit and the dock areas, river side,  and a portion of the financial district and industrial district were utterly devestated by the wave that washed inward. Artifice and sorcery plus sheer dedication and ingenuity have enabled the damages to be repaired but the Confederacy Council barred any adventuring expeditions and contracts from investigating the point of impact. Rumor of a new wild magic zone, pirates and scavenger lords at war with Alexandros fleets has persisted but the ban remains in place.


Recent Events


The Children of Garm and He Who Hungers

A group of adventurers recently travelled to both the Battlegrounds and the Cradle of Nature in order to defeat a villain who has been plaguing Alexandria for many years: the giant werewolf priest of Garm and local leader of the Children of Garm, He Who Hungers.  This was in response to an attack on the priests and priestesses of Gilead and Dana  who were organizing the Great Hunt.  In an epic battle that involved surrendering armies and the aid of an actual god, the adventurers successfully defeated He Who Hungers and returned hoping that the Children will be busy for a while, selecting a new leader, and therefore unable to trouble Alexandros. (He Who Hungers and He Who Hungers Part II). His Hammer, a dark artifact of unknown power, was recently delivered to the Elunites. (Whirlplot: Garm's Hammer)



All Recent History

Please note, events are posted in reverse chronlogical order.


(Fall, New Royal Calendar 3446)

The Battle for Gettys erupted in blood (Sendor War: Battle Over Gettys). The Battle covered several scenes, although only the upper-level ones have been posted at this time. A better summary should be forthcoming. :)


Garmites recently attempted a kidnapping of several Myrrish generals. (Sendor War: The Grand Kidnapping Caper)


After a long battle, Lieutenant Weathers called in a number of recruits to rescue a group that had gotten behind enemy lines. Accepting the duty, a group of adventurers headed to the rescue, only to be caught in a gluemine trap. Though the enemy was defeated to the sounds of muskets and bayonettes, a priest of Thul vanished mid-scene with the corpse of his "brother," promising a dark return. (Sendor War: Silencing of the Guns)


Gnomes, ready to restore honor to their race's name, stood up in their own way (Sendor War: Gnomes on the Front Lines). Meanwhile, news of a codebook surfaced, and a group of an adventurers made an aborted grab. While they didn't find the codebook, they learned other, more worrying things, instead (Sendor War: The Codebook - pt 1 and Sendor War: The Codebook - pt 2). Another group took the war into the tren--we mean the latrines, and uncovered a group of kobolds attempting to expand some war tunnels (Sendor War: War in the Tre--the Latrines).


(Summer, New  Royal Calendar 3446)


Another dragon recently made an appearance over the Alexandrian lines.  Unfortunately, this one did not appear to be friendly.  Calling himself, "Nosenra," the huge blue dragon announced that he had joined the war effort because Alexandrian adventurers injured his mate. There has been no response from Dragonier's bronze dragon or Dragon Knight, who have largely been occupied elsewhere along the front lines.  (Sendor War: Enter Nosenra)


Myrridion's dark knight, the Hound, pays a visit to the battlefield much to the annoyance of present Irregulars and Mercenaries.  (Sendor War: The Thunder of the Hound).


With Blar now apparently evacuated, its civilians and soldiers under escort by what would appear to be a rather large metallic dragon, they appear to've made their way on through rugged terrain all the way to Alexandria. Indeed, they have erected a great tent city outside of its walls, some distance away. A refugee camp of sorts. Some of the Blar 1st Cavalry has remained at the front lines to assist in the fighting against the Bludgunish forces in Sendor. Needless to say a large number of Hobgoblins encamped on Alexandrian land is not suiting many very well, and indeed, tensions and fearful accusations of potential espionage are already rising.


The aftermath of the efforts to save the refugees sees the Dragonier's dragon, bereft of rider, come across Darshan and his companions in the forests between Sendor and Alexandros. The cryptic murmurings of dragon kind and of things past, present and future occur - but what is time and history to a creature that measures events not by the year but by the century? (Sendor War: The Rumblings of Brass)


Threats of revenge upon the hobgoblin city-state of Blar for having left Bludgun causes its military council to evacuate its goblinoid citizens for safer territory, making use of their treaty and alliance with the Inner Kingdoms and Alexandros. After joining up with the Myrrish armies, two columns of refugees are formed and both come under the attack of hired mercenary forces attempting to slaughter and enslave the civilians. The aid of Relic Hunters, Irregulars and Adventurers helps to prevent this and the situation is further resolved with the arrival of the promised Dragonier forces (Sendor War: The Evacuation of BlarSendor War: The Evacuation of Blar: The Drans Army).


Previously also neutral in these affairs, the floating nation of Dragonier declares its intentions to also lend aid to Alexandria and Myrddion and makes plans to send a dragon knight and his aides to the front lines to lend the sorcery and military power they have at their disposal. At the moment who this knight is and the exact nature of the troop movements remains a mystery but Bludgun swears to not let this go unanswered.


The funeral for Haley Lunatec takes place in Alexandria City with a lengthy festival and street party sweeping the city-state in its aftermath. The stress of war is momentarily removed from the minds of some individuals for the time being. The street party continues even as the funeral fades into memory giving an opportunity for a period of reveling in the city streets over the course of a few days until things return to normal at the beginning of the next week.


Various skirmishes and battles continue on the front lines. Also: Sandy Wields Childbearing Hips to Great Devestation on the Battlefield Nuff Said. It is also discovered that Arngrim is fat.


Rumors, darker rumors, spread of several men on the front lines having been killed during the night, their throats torn out and their corpses drained of blood. Such rumors are being shot down by the commanders, but the tales have enough strength to them, along with the dissapearance of several men from the ranks, to give them credence.


At the frontline of the Sendor Reclamation War: A group of goblin sappers were discovered by a peculiar bard, now hailed as 'Atar the Hero'. They came up, accidentally, through one of the latrines. The tunnels were collapsed and the plan of the sappers foiled!  (The Ballad of an unHero)


The City of Alexandria again becomes privvy to the depravity and cruelty of Bludgun when one of their most beloved city officials is made a target of cruel sorcery. The resulting death of Haley Lunatec has the result of spreading terror and then outrage which causes the Alexandros and the regional confederacy to declare open war upon Bludgun at long last (Haley Lunatec's Last Stand).


In Alexandria City a public rally is held in order to create movement that will spur the deadlocked regional council to declare open war on Bludgun. It does not seem to go well (Political Heat). 


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