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Social: Celebrating Elven Culture (With Lady Sandiel)

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Lady Sandiel's Manor - Courtyard


    Stone and mortar walls, standing about two and a half feet tall, enclose the wide, desolate courtyard. Passing years have left the stones weathered, once sharp edges rounded by wind and rain, their craggy surfaces smoothed by the forces of nature. The mortar in between the stones crumbles away, every breeze taking a little more, until some of the stones seem to hold more by luck and habit than design.


    The flagstone pavement has seen better days. Dirt, ground into the pores of stone leaves a dingy wash, no matter the scrubbing, and cracks wind through the whole, sometimes crumbling away entire corners. The outer walls of the castle bear the same faint, dingy stain, giving the whole a marbled appearance. The courtyard is empty, but for a ragged circle of stone enclosing a small patch of withered grass. The tree within, though, shows surprising life against the faded exterior surrounding it. Thick and gnarled, its trunk easily tops the guard wall, reaching up higher than the door which leads within the castle, the tree itself easily ten feet in height. Twisted branches reach to the sky, the thick profusion of glossy leaves throwing a flickering shadow on the ground beneath it.


    The front of the manor faces the courtyard. Built of the same weathered stones as the low wall surrounding the courtyard, the manor rises two full stories, narrow turrets at each corner. Narrow slits in the wall allow those inside to look out, but are too shadowed, and too high to allow any to look inside. A wide door, looking sturdier than any other part of the edifice, allows entrance to the manor. Built of thick, wooden planks stained dark brown and banded in blackened steel, it seems somewhat newer than the rest of building.






Outside Party Desc(#1034)


Obvious exits:


Manor <M>  Out <O>


Outside Party Desc(#1034)


          Never let it be said that elves, by stereotype at least, can't throw a party. In the midst of the yard they've dug a great pool and placed leafboats inside of it. Festively colored, the boats have bright faerie lights roped lightly about their masts. They drift over the murky and trecherous waters of the the newly-styled "Lake Sandiel" (a sign delcares it so, in florid letters). 


          Similar lanterns hang across the front of the manor, brightly colored and buzzingly noisesome. Some of them spit and spew and pop, but most seem to work, heralds of festive technologies that illuminate the evening sky and hang like ornaments from the great tree in the yard. 


          Underneath and under the cheerfully illuminated branches lie tables, arranged outward centrally from a lacewood gazeebo. The long forms are fitted with benches and chairs, laden with elven foods and wine. The gazeebo's attended by an elven and halfling minstral, whose latter, notable attributes are his great, hairy feet and a ring that flashes about his finger. It marks him a member of some local entertainment guild. A fawn of some sort's tried drinking from one of the punch bowls, and lies upon the ground, its feet in the air and twitching just occasionally.


          To the side, a booth offers unicorn rides.



[RP Start]


Elves. Swarms of elves. Nearly every elf in the city is present, in long, flowing robes, pantslegs or dresses, any and everything a tailor could imagine. Color dots the landscape--humans, halflings, a few orcs, present to share in the free food--and gaze curiously at the manor that's gone such a transformation. 


Gone is the rusting paint, the rickety stairwells. The smudges from greasefires. The exterior's been redone, repainted, and things propped up--even if just for the evening. Nooks, crannies still show the leftovers from greasefire, and occasionally, the smell of sulphur can be smelled here and there, in odd places throughout the yard.


-----------  At a glance around Lady Sandiel's Manor - Courtyard  ------------


Calamity          1s           Lb                                    


    Oh. It's just a cosmic catastrophe. Move along.                           


Chiddle           0s 3'4"     44 Lb                                  


    Dark haired gnome dressed in in Artificer's garb.                         


Karelin           2m 6'2"     232 Lb     Human             Male      


    Tattooed Korite warrior. Tall, dark and scarred.                          


Ceres            27s 5'8"     130 Lb     Grey Elf          Female    


    Silver-haired elf, tall and extremely graceful                            


Roland           33s 6'3"     220 Lb     Human             Male      


    6'3" charismatic man with auburn curls and hazel eyes.                    


Gran             23s 4'3"     203 Lb                                 


    Robe-wearing Dwarf with grey-brown skin and a thick black beard           


Valadhiel        53s 5'2"     105 Lb                                 


    An elfmaid with dark auburn hair.                                         


Darshan           0s 6'4"     274 Lb     Sith'makar        Male      




Sandy             2m 5'7"     117 Lb                                 


    An elven female with black hair, blue eyes.                               




Karelin wears black, as if to a funeral. At least its a nice coat, but he's armed (peaceknotted) just in case he has to help. After all, there are elves invoved, and you never know when you'll have to use sturdy metal correctives.


Chandrakanta enters from Vardeth Way.


Chandrakanta has arrived.


Calamity has partially disconnected.


Chiddle is here too! Gnomes! Where there is free food, there are gnomes. Chiddle has even cleared the soot off his face, discarded the goggles, and generally cleaned up for the event. He's wearing an embroided purple waistcoat, and a pair of formal black pants, and a nice white shirt- not a grease or soot stain on it. He's not armed, at least not at a glance, and is currently enjoying a pipe while the festivities start up.


Sandy is, at the moment, nowhere to be seen. She is probably hiding inside. And who can blame her, really? But she'll be out soon. Probably kicking and screaming the whole way.


Valadhiel wears a formal wizardry robe, a dark crimson affair with golden thread embroidering the fabric. A crown of flowers appears to be upon her head, probably given out to guest elves for the occasion. She gracefully makes her way amongst the partygoers, chatting easily in elven with some of the others. Her eyes flicker around with curiosity, as if surprised there were, in fact, so many elves here in the city.


Ceres makes her way in, looking normal. Well, except that where normal leather or thick cloth would normally be worn, the same sort of item is made of thin linen and silk, while flowers have been woven into her hair, particularly the braids. For now, she's over by the minstril pair.


An older elf bends hands to the sides of his mouth. "Leafboat rides! Isn't that wonderful? Leafboats...oh...there you are, sir," he says, bending over to peer at Chiddle. His glasses are cokebottles, and they dangle halfway off his elfen nose before plopping into the grass. "Just for today! Sail the Lake Sandiel, my boy! A ferocious lake with tepid waters!"


This is a first, Chandrakanta arriving with an entourage, even worse, she's on a sedan chair carried by servants dressed in traditional brightly coloured silks embroidered with golden threads. Ostantatious for Alexandria, but for Veyshan their ornamentation is modest. Chandra herself is dress in emerald green silks of even better quality then the servants. Her hair has been brushed and woven into a neat knot, and she wears enough jewelry you'd think she'd was being offered along with her bridal dowry. She looks rather uncomfortable, her eyes sullen and surrounded by heavy kohls. She fingers a peaceknotted dagger, the only visible weapon she managed to sneak onto her ensamble. In her hand a scroll tied with golden thread, "Where the hell is Sandy?" She asks the first elf to pass by.


Roland is dressed, well not as an elf, but he's taken some pains to dress better than usual. There's a smile on his lips, probably from having still evaded any of Sandy's guards as he moves to linger by the musicians -- giving a brief nod of recognition to Ceres.


"I haven't seen her since yesterday--but if you see her--let her know we have that order of gunpowder she wanted," the man Chandra snagged rolls his eyes, a smirk floating on thin pale lips. He wears a silvered cassock of one of Eluna's clergy. "Fireworks, probably. She's going to put on /such/ a display, I'm guessing. I can't tell you how happy she was..." He pauses. And tugs on the neck of his robes. He offers the too-bright smile of a dead man.


More like blowing up the whole estate. She is no doubt clearly considering death, fire, and blood about now. Meanwhile, inside, Sandy is actually getting ready to come out. She is murderously angry right now, but is doing her best to avoid showing it, but she can briefly be heard yelling, "Get out of here or I will *throw* you out the fucking window!"


And that is the Chandra everyone knows and loves. She taps on of the servants on the back of the head with the scroll, "Stop, I can walk." Another servant trailing behind tries to get in Chandra's way and put down something for her to step on, but she's too quick for him and he's left holding the carpet. She looks the direction she came, "I need to find Sandy before my Father's gift arrive, so where the hell is she?" Frowning when the man speaks to her. She follows the least lady-like thing she can manage without involving a bodily function, "SANDY! GET YOUR ELVEN ASS OUT HERE!" It seems she's got lungs, who knew.


Chiddle peers at the leafboats, "Leafboats? Sound... terribly pimitive. Boats should be built out of good, solid steel." Chiddle says to the aging elf. He puffs on his pipe.


Ravi-Tan has arrived.


<Meet> Ravi-Tan joins Sandy.


"Such a set of lungs...such a...pair of daggers," the clergyman jumps, and backs off a ways. He taps his fingers together in a busy manner, and hoofs it back to the gathering. Occasionally, he looks back towards the yelling Veyshanti. Perhaps to make sure she isn't coming after /him/.


Karelin finds himself a corner, near the lake. And leafboats. He considers them, and if he'd send one to the bottom. When Chandra yells, he just grins.


Myrana has arrived.


<Meet> Myrana joins Sandy.


Ceres offer a nod to Roland as he passes, then reaches up to cover her mouth as she has to laugh at Chandra's way of getting the hostess to show up. "Is that the customary way to entice Lady Sandry to come out?" she calls out over the crowd. Because, after all, inquiring minds wanna know.


Karelin looks up and notes to Ceres, solemnly. "Its traditional."


A pair of shutters open upstairs. "Chandra? The fuck are you doing here?" Such language! It must be part of colorful elven tradition. Even when it is in common. There's probably a gasp or two. "I'll be down in a minute." THere is a scowl from her, and then the shutters shut again. Eventually, she stomps out of her front doors. Except she's not in her usual attire. The impossible has happened. The hells have frozen over. Sandy is in a dress. A nice dress. A white dress that actually makes her look like an actual -girl-. She seems entirely unhappy about it, actually. "One word and I swear I'll.. what on earth?" She stares at Chandrakanta, as if this was more shocking than being in a dress. "Ahahahah!"


"I am going to start counting Sandy! Or you are going to regret it.." Chandra is really persuasive, "if you don't get out here." Leave it to the Averites to disrupt the elven serenity of the party. "One..." She pulls down the veil on the ridiculous clothing she's wearing that were probably insisted upon by someone in Chandra's family. Dropping the veil on the ground for the servant to then stumble to grab, dropping the carpet he was carrying.


Valadhiel has reconnected.


"Come sailing! ...saaaaaailing!" the older elf soon wanders past Chiddle and towards the bardic pair. "Oh, I feel a song coming on, I do...are you a bard?" he blinks at her. He replaces the cokebottle glasses and smiles a tremulous and quivering smile. "Do you sing? Tell me you sing!"


Valadhiel has partially disconnected.


Roland's attention is drawn to the Veyshanti entourage at Chandra's arrival. He starts to turn back to respond to Ceres, but then Karelin beats him to it and after a startled moment -- the bard takes on a grand grin, "Why...yes, I believe it is." And then he just settles back to watch


Valadhiel shakes her head, looking just amused as she mutters, "Just like I was told..." under her breath. But probably audible enough with all the pointed ears lurking around, as she glances curiously towards the manor.


Gran arrived as a member of the local Dwarf contingent, wearing all the finery a dwarf who shuns armor would be expected to wear. A fine robe, and a finely cared-for beard replaced his normal business attire today, as his business is punching people and scurrying around in dusty caverns full of things that require punching. He seems quite pleased with himself, regarding his own image in the water of Lake Sandiel in line for a Leafboat ride.


Sauntering out of the crowd, a sly, debonair human in blacks, grays, and whites flashes a seductive, secretive, devil-never-done-me-wrong smile. His eyes are falsely demure, his pace is deceptively casual. He is Ravi-Tan, the Thief of Virtue. Patron to the poor and avenger of harlots. His black dresscoat reches his knees, and his silver vest is spun of the finest silk. His white tie is knotted in Dragonier style. With one hand in his pocket and the other holding a brass-capped cane, Ravi-Tan wanders idly, his comfortable smile worn with ease.


Chandrakanta isn't even going to laugh at Sandy, not yet, there is more to this evening to torture her with after all. "There you are.." She walks over, gracefully. Contrasting her brash personality. And then hands the scroll to Sandy, "My father and mother send their greetings and regrets they could not attend your feast, they hope my presence will be enough along with the gift of some rare culinary treats from my parents childhood in Veyshan. The food will be along shortly.." She doesn't bow, the servant following her tries does so doubly, he's probably taking notes to report that back to Samarin.


"Come Saaaaaaaaiiling...on the dangerous, tepid, voluminous...Laaaake Sannndiiiiel!" the older elf sings in tremulous lungs. He pats Ceres' hand like an old uncle, and beams at Roland. His glasses are gone--left in the grass by Chiddle, so he squints. "Oh! Well, I guess she is! And pretty, too. You must be a wonderful singer..." And that is how an old man tries to flirt with Ceres in the middle of Sandy's front lawn. He puffs out his chest a little, though he really does look like an old prune next to Roland.


Ceres flirts back, at least for a couple of minutes, before admitting, "I have been known to sing on occasion. However, a promise was made, which means I shall have to take my absense - a trio is needed for some songs..." she explains, before escaping to the two minstrils, where (even though she wasn't supposed to) she accompanies them for a time.


Ceres goes OOC.


Ceres has left.


Calamity goes OOC.


Calamity has left.


Dressed in a soft kirtle of lavender grey and a silver locket, a young woman sidles in among the party guests. her long coal-black braid swaying behind her, looking about both curiously and nervously. So many elves! Myrana walks slowly over the grass, one hand settled over the silver locket that hangs about her white neck and her dark blue eyes flicking here and there, passing over the beautiful faces of these strange people while endeavouring to stay near the edges, a spectator rather than a participant in this colourful scene.


Valeska enters from Vardeth Way.


Valeska has arrived.


Ravi-Tan tilts his head to the side and slides his eyes across the crowd...before landing on Myrana with a faint grin. Turning in that direction with a lazy pivot, the upright businessman weaves through the sea of elves to approach her. As he draws near, he gestures out to the side with a flourish, "My lady Myrana... The Officer's Wife..." He smiles warmly as he bows low with formal courtesy, "I must say, it is an unexpected pleasure to see you here..." Rising with a rogue's inappropriate smile, he asks quietly, "Where is your husband? Surely he did not send you here all alone?"


Valeska was around too it ends up! Indeed, she was just setting things up at a small stand somewhere at Sandy's place. She had unpacked several large and scary machines! "In celebration of Elven culture, would anyone like to test something of mine, built to honor the heritage of our own Lady Sandiel?" Valeska announces, standing by what appears to be a reclining chair, with straps, and a heavy featureless steel helmet that would cover one's entire head.


Roland gives a polite nod towards the aged elf but otherwise doesn't interfere with the elven flirtations -- and why should he, tasty treats are being delivered after all. That is until Valeska makes her proclamation of doom...well, with artificers a request for volunteers often equates to the same thing...


Gnomes have a nose for artifice, so when Valeska does the reveal, he finds himself gravitating over, "What does it do?" He wonders, glancing at Valeska, "No, wait, let me guess... hrm... a Dreamscape Reassembler?" he enquires.


Chandrakanta turns to the hovering, worrisome servant, grabbing the veil back from him, "Message delivered, you can now handle the food delivery and stop hovering, Farid." Turning her attention back to Sandy, "I hope someone draws a picture of you dressed like that, posts it around the city so everyone can see you in white." Nevermind its a white dress. "And where the hell have you hidden the brandy?" She begins to notice others now that duties are done, waving towards Karelin and Roland.


"You wanting the custard, sir?" One of Sandy's servants, looking stiff and uncomfortable in a dress, approaches Roland with a tray of treats. Pies, custards, with symbols of flame or stylistic patterns: teardrops, curves and delicate swirls. Pastries, cheese dishes, cheese and whi--wine. Perhaps Karelin was right to wear...funeral black. Around, the other tables begin to fill up with treats, cheeses, pastries, breads, fish, and wines.


Sandy scowls at Chandrakanta, "Funny. And food? What the fuck is all this about? Moreover, what the fuck is with the chair?" she sniffs, shaking her head and then glancing over her shoulder back towards the house. "And Mara will pay for this. YEs, she will. Oh yes." She has a gleam in her eye that is one of True Evil. Well, at least vengeance. She clears her throat thereafter adn then adds, "I drank it all last night in preperation," she explains. She's lying. Probably.


Of course, Valeska denies such a suggestion. "Of course not. Dreams? How terribly silly. Please, step up here and we'll get you adjusted." she says to Chiddle. "It's more festive than that." she moves to reach for Chiddle's hand to drag her over. Valeska's wearing a very pretty dress, expensive cream and white, with star-like patterns sewn in. Unfortunately, grease and industrial resins have gotten quite accumulated on various parts.


Gran clambers aboard the leafboat as the previous passengers depart, which is thankfully broad enough for a dwarf and properly weighted for someone a few stone heavier than Granen himself. The vessel rocks slightly, swinging the fairy light to and fro. At least someone is wholeheartedly liking the bit of elven culture on display--accurate or not. As the boat turns along it's course, Gran and his fellow passengers comment kindly about the food and decorations... but he casts a wary glance across the water as Valeska readies her experimental party-destroying chair. The boat begins to return to port, slowly, fairy lantern a-wagging.


Chiddle doesn't need to be dragged, he's a fellow artificer, after all! He's grown accustomed to the explosions. he climbs up into the chair, and comments, "Festive? Hrm... perhaps an Excitation Matrix Inducer?" He ponders outload, even as he's being wired into the infernal contraption.


Myrana blinks, her eyes turning distractedly from the sea of fine angular faces to settle on the more familiar one of Ravi-Tan. "Hrm? Oh! Er... well I was just passing by," she lies. And not terribly well, for though her clothes are nothing compared to most here, they are undoubtedly fancier (and cleaner) than her normal work-clothes. "I thought I'd just take a look." Tucking her bangs away behind her ear, she gives him a wry smile. "My husband doesn't have to keep track of me, mister Ravi-Tan. Having someone in so much armor around is sometimes less than subtle."


Mara has disconnected.


Ravi-Tan grins, leaning on his cane as he regards the Officer's Wife, "Now now, Lady Myrana...don't be bashful. You look radiant." He flourishes his hand into the air as he says it, kicking off his cane as he lazily circles about her, "You always look radiant, even under the soot and the plain clothes..." His eyes dip down over her as he circles slowly, "But if you are here alone..." He grins and offers his arm, "Perhaps I might have the pleasure of showing you around? It is a mighty crowd that's come out to honor the reclusive Sandiel. One could easily get lost."


"Eeee! Sandy, Sandy--looooook!" A carriage rolls to a halt, an old, classical thing with Myrrish seal, and a small hellio--a tiny girlchild leaps out and starts barreling across the grass towards the hostess. She's dressed in a white dress (like Sandy's). Slower, much slower, another figure disembarks...the carriage groans with quiet relief as her guardian steps onto the grass.


"...by the gods," Darshan says after a time, even as his charge runs blissfully towards the Most Dangerous Person on Ea. "...it. Looks..." pause. Pause. Pause. "Different." And a long, slower look at the Artificer Preparing Things. And a faster, more worried look towards The Child before heading towards the house and stables.


"Its all Samarin, my own father blackmailed me into this, he used the gift of the horses to the war front to get me to sit in for him." Chandra asides quietly to Sandy, "He can't stomach elf food." Is that her polite way of saying he hates elves as well? It does take long for Farid to scurry off and start barking orders at the two dozen servants that arrive shortly after the message is passed on carrying trays of more savoury and spiced foods. 


Each tray is large, it takes four men to carry and they are all identical, Farid is looking for an elf to find out where to put the heavy tray. Each is identical, heavy with a ring of golden rice dotted with dried fruit and silvered nuts. In the center of each tray is a whole roasted beast. Sheep? Goat? Whatever it is, even with the spices its probably somewhat gamey. Its hard to tell the specifics of how or what parts are supposed to be eaten while they are being carried about, but yes, it does look like there are the whole heads of the animals there. Along with the eyes.


Valeska was rather excited as she moves to get her wrench, turning a very large valve. A steam boiler was there, active and now churning away, as she lowers the helmet all over Chiddle's head. "This will only take a moment." Valeska says, moving to another station where she throws a few switches. Uneasy buzzing and burning ozone fill the air for several moments, before a satisfying DING sounds. Excited, Valeska scampers over to raise the helmet off the Gnome's head.


Chiddle apparently, is alive and looking no worse for wear. Except he has pointy ears. And long straight blonde hair. With a flower in it.


Valadhiel blinks at the result. Then stares. Then... she laughs. She laughs very loudly, nearly doubling over at the sight of... GNOMELF!


Chiddle reaches up to fondle his newly pointed ears and... well, some might be horrified to find their visage so altered, but he lets out an amused, "Ha! An Elfification Contraption!" he exlclaims, "What do you call it? How long does the efect last?" he asks. "Let's see. does it use an arc-loop relay mechanism to generate the mana differential?"


Myrana gives Ravi-Tan a look that drily suggests that she can find her way around a crowd full of people... but then there is a loud DING! She turns her head to see what it was. "What on earth-- oh dear. They're turning people blonde," she whispers in horror. Glancing back up at Ravi-Tan, she clears her throat delicately and with a slight colour in her cheeks takes his proferred arm, white hand settling lightly there. "Who is Sandiel?" she asks him in a low whisper.

 Valeska looks at chiddle a bit, scratching head a little and turning with a smile. "It works! Why, I haven't given this device a name yet. I actually designed it rather haphazardly out of a previous instrument that manufactured rubber prosthesis. But it does seem to work marvelously, doesn't it?" she claps her hands together, before turning to look for another victim. She blinks. "Mister Gran! Mister Darshan!" she looks even wider eyed with possibilities.


A scattered applause takes off at Valeska's invention after a moment of silence that was due to...Shock, that's it. Shock. A few brave souls begin to trickle forward, though--it is a party, isn't it? A young man with a forlorn expression stops to get in line just behind Chiddle. "Did it hurt?" he whispers.


Ravi-Tan grins as his arm is taken. Turning to look at Chiddle, Ravi-Tan furrows his brow seriously, offering in entirely (forced, trying not to laugh) sincerity, "It's a good look for you, my man. Good look." He then grins once more and heads off with Myrana for the snack trays, "Ahhh, roast beast! ...On delicate little sticks even! With /pickles/! What will those elves think of next?"


Sandy looks on in horror at what Valeska just did to Chiddle. *Horror*. "Oh my gods," she says, "I.. I.. Oh gods. I think I might be sick." She unsteadily sways a moment, as if she'd been hit by an oncoming carriage or was at least about to be, then she turns back towards Chandrakanta and glares at her a moment. And then the food from Chandrakanta is arriving. She looks even more horrified now. "OH gods," she says, again. "Your father, ah.. You will, of course, pass along my thoughtful thank you to him, will you?" And then there is a girl attached to her leg. "..hi, Ganesa," she says, weakly. Her expression reads 'I hate my life. A lot.'.


Ravi-Tan adds quickly to Myrana, "Oh, yes, that is Sandiel over there." He points to the woman in the white dress, "I've, ah, never actually met her. Might as well keep a good thing going." He grins at Myrana, "I've heard she's a bit eccentric."


"Look, Sandy! Mara told me what you'd be wearing...we're twins!" Ganesa looks down at her dress. Indeed, it looks just like Sandy's...but in miniature, and with more bows, pearls, and strings, and the little girl look as pleased as anything to be wearing it. She holds her hands up to be picked up. "It's /really/ pretty," she says seriously, and looks at the two women. "Do you think I could get /my/ ears done, too? Then I'd look just like Sandy!" Ah, Sandy. She's already corrupting the young.


Gran disembarks his boat quickly, darting between Ravi and Myrana as he evades Valeska long enough to--there. Now he's safe, and wanders over towards the Mister Darshan that was mentioned. "I'm sorry," he says to Valeska, turning back to her, his get-out-of-experiment card in hand: a glass of froofy elven wine, scented of lowers and happiness with little bubbles that nearly giggle their way through the pink liquid. "I won't be able to join you in your... ahh..." he says, pausing, "Experiment, I couldn't possibly waste this! Besides, it took me quite long enough to get prepared as is! The last thing I need," he says, running a hand down from his chin, "is to have beard go all yellow."


Chiddle shakes his head at the man, "Not at all... Ooh, that smells... delicious!" He comments at the newly revealed Veyshanti food. He says to Valeska- "Perhaps you could add a repertoir of colors? Red hair, Green hair, Purple hair..." he comments. It's just a suggestion! He heads over to the food, and decides to be adventuoud picking up... it looks like a hoof, maybe? And adding it to a plate.


Roland does a double take as Valeska morphs the gnome into Chiddlegolas. "Oh my...That's...That's...something."


More tables are needed, the poor Veyshanti servants are trying not to break a sweat while they wait for them to be set up. Once those trays are down, more servants come, with the bowls of condiments to be served with the roasted goats. They are in fact goats. With their heads cracked open so that in the head there is a soup of brains with spoons to serve that specialty to the diners. Oh yes, its bizarre foods from Veyshan, complete with brains, eyeballs and entrails. Chandra is too distracted by the other horrors going on to describe the foods for crowd, "Did she just Elfify that gnome?" She reaches for her peaceknotted dagger, "Were you expecting that?" She won't be volunteering for that treatment. No siree.


Myrana relaxes a little bit at that. "Eccentric is alright," she replies quietly, then glances at the plethora of free food. "Oh you know, pickles don't just have to be things like cucumbers and onions!" Looking up at Ravi-Tan, she brightens as she warms to a subject she knows a little more about. "I once saw a whole pickled hand!"


Karelin has been hitting the frou-frou pretty hard, sitting by the lake getting sloshed on frilly wine. Seriously, he needs a little umbrella and some fruit.


"Yes," says Sandy, slowly, "yes she did. And no. No, I wasn't." She stares in increasing amounts of horror. "...good gods. I can't believe the Council of the Mythwood agreed to any of this. Or forced the issue. That ambassador is probably friends with Carmina's dad or something." She shudders, then. She slowly looks around, again, then adds, "...that's a lot of Veyshan food, Chandra. Thank you." Hopefully, it will horrify the elves. Somehow.


Wine, more wine. For whichever reason the cups have emptied and so, more of it appears. Sandy's servants trundle forth in unfamiliar dresses and skirts and jackets--some of them trip, unused to it all. Some of them land on their faces. Others begin to serve it hurriedly to elves who'd dared Chandra's family's spice-filled cooking. Regardless, more, and more wine gets poured.


Much of it is gem-colored. And pretty.


Ravi-Tan's eye twitches briefly, "P-pickled hand? Ah... how... how did you manage to come across that? Eh heh." Chuckling uneasily, Ravi-Tan swallows hard. He idly takes a step to the side. A small one. And then he looks down at the arm wrapped around his. Oh. Righ.


Karelin is given a tiny umbrella, with an elven phrase set in it: "Welcome to my home - the Lady Sandiel."


Karelin twirls the little umbrella, and starts chuckling slowly, then just lets it take over. Naturally, he puts it in his hair over one ear and goes back to his wine.


Myrana follows this up by plucking a candied plum from the table, and gives Ravi-Tan a brilliant smile. "Some tribes think it will give you the skills learned in the owner's life if..." she leans in and whispers, with what must be said is entirely blatant wicked delight. "Drink some of the pickle juice." Oh revenge is sweet.


"Oh but they do look very fancy," Myra says, gazing again over the assembled elves.


Darshan's disappeared towards the stables with the carriage and horses, presumably to see to them, though the slow, horrified look was easy to read in the lizard's features. Ganesa continues to--she tugs at the hostess' hand again. "I want to try the earifier," she says, looking up at her Hero. "It looks like alot of fun."


Chiddle bites into his hoof once he's poured something spicy and red all over it and its bed of rice. He seems surprised for a moment by the psicyness, and he puffs up his cheeks as he rapidly chews and swallows down the food lest it burn his tongue, but after a generous swig of elven wine- there was no ale at hand- he seems pleased! Crazy gnomes. Next he'll be trying the brains.


Valeska was watching Chiddle's behaviour meanwhile, taking note of what food he was going after now that he had those silly ears. But then a little one grabs her attention, as she looks down to Darshan's charge. "Oh hello again!" she smiles to the girl. "Would you like to try the machine too?"


Ravi-Tan slumps, "Ah, I'm not really all that hungry anymore." Stopping a passing serving girl, he holds a finger, "Your strongest, please." Handed a colorful drink with a small umbrella, he raises an eyebrow at the dually printed elvish greeting and toasts it to Sandiel in the distance with a weak smile before downing the whole thing in one go. Swallowing hard, he looks back to Myrana, "So...you're certain your husband isn't around?"


Farid stands over by the Veyshanti food, instructing those unfamiliar with the traditional methods of eating and which sauces to use with the meat to bring out the flavours. He plucks out an eye with a set of tongs that look specifically designed for eyeball extraction and offers it to a more daring diners. Really from his smile, you'd think he was the belle of the ball. 


Chandra is still clutching her dagger, elfifiers are a terrifying prospect, wandering over to Karelin, "You may need to smash something before too long.."


Myrana tries to keep a straight face as Ravi-Tan orders the ale. Her dark blue eyes twinkle and once again the young half-elf bites surrepticiously at her lower lip to keep the laughter in. But when he asks if Gauvain is around, a laugh finally escapes her, breaking the facade of seriousness. "I didn't really. But you believed me, didn't you?" She grins, raising her free hand to cover it up in a feminine gesture that would utterly bely her evil amusement. "For somebody who dresses all in black, you don't seem very sinister. Have you considered a wardrobe rearrangement?"


"Really?" Ganesa's eyes go wide. "You can really do that?" She hurries over towards Valeska and away from Sandy on quick-kid feet. "They look so real!" she whispers! She's dressed in a pale, pearl-covered dress, similar to the lady's, but...more childlike, more "cute." In other words, there are bows and ribbons everywhere.


"Wait, I have to ask," says Sandy, putting a hand up towards Chandrakanta as she steps forward. Then? In the most unelflike way? She stumbles, trips over the hem of her dress. "*Fuck*," she snaps. "I fucking* hate* this!" She then clears her throat. "Pardon the language." She scowls, then moves towards Valeska. "How long does it last?" She asks, first.


"Attention! Atten--oh, thank you," an elf near the gazeebo steps into it. He's shaded by Darkn--well, he takes his place inside that gazebo there in the center of her yard. He wears a long coat, trimmed and marked with a badge of office from the City, and a ready smile--the smile lined with lines from years of well, smiling, speeches, and doubtless, kissing children. "May I have everyone's attention?"


Ravi-Tan blinks at Myrana, "Well, yes. I've spent time among goblins, after all." Hr grimaces, "And I don't wear -all- black. I have a silver vest, *and* a white tie." He looks hurt for a moment before grinning slyly, "Anything else you'd have to discover for yourself."


If Myrana's eyes rolled any further, they'd probably pop out of her head, but she laughs all the same and shakes her head before turning her attention to the official looking elf in the gazebo.


Roland leaves the courtyard, returning to the street.


Roland has left.


Karelin looks up, and gives Chandra a sloppy grin. "Please. Smash? This is a day for mincing and frilly dresses, not smashing. Where're you elven spirit?"


"I wanted to thank our hostess," the speaker holds out a hand, a long, slender hand, to gesture towards the scowling, now mud-covered woman in a dress. "Without her, none of this would have been possible! Lady Sandiel, thank you...your beauty, your graciousness...what would we elves of the Mythwood do without you?"


He smiles at her, Sandy in her bright, lace-ridden dress. And pauses a moment. He brushes his hair back over his shoulder. Sort of a miniature hair-flip.


"And our guests--our elves, our..." his smile falters, as he looks towards Chandrakanta. "thank you...for the donations they've," cough, "given! ...more wine, please," he adds to the side. 


He pauses. Takes a bracing drink. Smacks his lips. Flicks his hair again. "Yes...yes, that does wash down the uhm. The goat...yes. Special thanks to the Veyshanti nobility for making this a multicultural occasion! And we--we have a surprise for you.


"In memory of this occasion, we have set up a Tree from Mythwood in the centre of the Lady's home. So she, and we, and this City, may always remember this occasion with love and..." his gaze falls on the goat brains. The smile quickly stitches back in place, "fondness." The last comes out a little choked. A little weak. And he raises his gem-colored wine in salute.


"I think you can guess where my elven spirit is.." Chandra reaffixes the veil over her hair, trying to cover the ridiculous hairdo she's sporting. "But fine, you can prick it with your sword." She shuts up to pay attention to what the elves are saying.


"WHAT," is the shrill words from Sandy. Then there is this immediate choking sound. Then coughing. Then choking. And flailing. Sandy is not.. you know, taking this well. Clearly, she is overcome with joy. Clearly. 


She's even gone pale. Must be from the shock. And joy. Yes. That's it.


Chiddle drinks back more of the wine, going through it quite readily as he continues to eat the heavily spiced food, off the hoof, as it were.


Ravi-Tan grins at Myrana, slipping away, "Ah ha... That's my cue. Time to go to work." He winks at the officer's wife before slipping away and quickly vanishing into the dense crowd. Soon he is gone from all sight.


Karelin grins, and puts a fist in the air. "Muzzah! FAN-TASTIC! An EXCELLENT gift for Lady Sandiel! I'm sure she'll bless the leaves with her loving touch EVERY day." He's not drunk at all.


Speech given, the elf lifts the wine again, and takes a big, bracing gulp of it before stepping off the gazebo and back into the crowd. In doing so, he also steps out of darkness. Er, the shade.


Ravi-Tan goes OOC.


Ravi-Tan has left.


Valeska pays great attention, even as she's preparing Ganesa for the machine. She blinks, looking quite curiously to the announcement by the fair elf-person. She turns her head, grinning to Sandy sheepishly. "How long does it last? I actually.. em.. haven't calculated that yet. I was pretty busy with the Pneumatic Parcel Howitzer acutally..."


Chandrakanta lets out a laugh when they mention the tree, quickly slapping a hand over her own mouth, "A tree? I think they didn't get the note that she's not a ranger or a druid.." She does nod, and speak a bit louder then they mention the Veyshanti gift, "You can thank my family, I had little to do with it."


"Well...okay," Ganesa says, and climbs into the chair. She's ready to be elf-it-ized. It's in the spirit of the event.


Just like too much wine, apparently. The little girl closes her eyes, and clasps her hands together in front of her. "Uhhhmmmmm..."


The elven diplomat gives Chandra his best "I practice this kissing babies" smile. And quickly reaches for his wine. The pale color of the liquid matches the shining, pale color of his hair.


-----------  At a glance around Lady Sandiel's Manor - Courtyard  ------------


Valeska           7m 5'8"     142 Lb                                 


    A strawberry-haired aristocrat. Pith Helmet. Wrench.                      




Myrana           13m 5'2"     114lbs Lb                              


    A short young woman with soot on her face                                 


Chandrakanta      6m 5'6"     140 Lb     Human/Veyshanti   Gurl      


    Dredlocked Veyshanti Averite with ink and blades.                        


Chiddle          39s 3'4"     44 Lb                                  


    Dark haired gnome dressed in in Artificer's garb.                         


Karelin           5m 6'2"     232 Lb     Human             Male      


    Tattooed Korite warrior. Tall, dark and scarred.                          


Gran              8m 4'3"     203 Lb                                 


    Robe-wearing Dwarf with grey-brown skin and a thick black beard           


Valadhiel        52s 5'2"     105 Lb                                 


    An elfmaid with dark auburn hair.                                         


Darshan           0s 6'4"     274 Lb     Sith'makar        Male      




Sandy             9m 5'7"     117 Lb                                 


    An elven female with black hair, blue eyes.                               




Hanthantha enters from Vardeth Way.


Hanthantha has arrived.


And well. Valeska turns the machine on. She waits quite patiently, chuckling a little at the thoughtful gift given to the Lady. But still, she needed to test her device on a Dwarf and giant lizard guy-thing! It was the only way to have comprehensive data. Moments later, the bell rings again, and Valeska pulls the helmet off Ganesa. Her hair falls out almost to the floor, and the ears are nearly a foot long, and floppy. "I... seem to have miscalibrated for a child." she looks pale.


Sandy sways a little. As if she's been hit with a great weight all of a sudden. She grabs hold of the chair Ganesa is sitting on for support, mumbling, "..blood and pain and tears. Oh yes. Vengeance.." Consoling herself, no doubt. And then she trips over her dress again when she tries to step away, stumbling. "Damn it!" Someone does not wear dresses often. She adtraightens it out and pulls it up just a little so she can walk more easily. "I hate dresses," she announces.


Ganesa's ears...wobble. Wobble! The little girl's eyes go wide and she grabs at each of them--the ears. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it might take a few moments to decide, but what's coming out of her mouth is happy, childhood bliss. She kicks the chair with her feet.


Farid puts together a plate and bowl of the food to bring to Lady Sandiel, he seemed more concerned with the fact she hasn't come over for the meal from Veyshan. "Lady Sandiel, you must try the stew!" He's oblivious to the fact that Sandy is helping the now elf-i-fied child. 


 "I think that may be a sign that its time to turn off that machine.." Chandra asides to Karelin, "or that I should be drinking, can a Lady get a drink." She grabs two glasses of the frou-frou umbrella decorated drinks as they pass by on a tray, double fisted drinking.


     Having heard their was an elven celebration of some, Hanthantha followed some locals, and got directions. Today he is rather cleaned up. The duties of a translator over for a while. Entering the grounds proper, hands clasped behind his back. The High Elf seems too be looking over the throng of people gathered about..


Valadhiel sips her elvish wine, seeming to be enjoying herself rather quietly as she watches the chaos unfold with a rather amused expression on her features. She does occasionally look at Sandy, followed by a rueful shaking of her head.


"Yes, I will... get to that. Momentarily." Sandy is still a bit dazed from all of this. First, she had to wear a dress. And host elves. There's even a unicorn. A unicorn she is staring at and looking horrified. It truly is a majestic beast, of course, and the elven man standing near it cuts the very image of the shining, elven warrior in his ceremonial plate armor. 


And then there's Ganesa. Wit helf ears. "Darshan?" calls Sandy. "Darshan? Where are you? Come get Ganesa." She's sure her aunt is going to be pleased. 


She rubs her face, then, and moves over to try the stew. This can't be as bad as anything else.


"Sandy!" *wobble* "I look just like you!" *wobblewobblewobble!* The ears flop about like giant bats on the child, who scrambles atop the chair to show off her new Sandy-ears. Er, elf ears.




And she does. She looks like a Sandiel in miniature, if...if the latter had large, floppy ears. But don't tell that to a kid. Not this kid, with her new artificer-enhanced ears. She looks like she'd just won the lottery. Today, she is an ELF.


... *wobble*


Valeska quickly pats Ganesa's head a little as she.. scampers off. She looks sheepish, wandering a little over, near Gran to observe. "She seems terribly happy, doesn't she? My, I wonder if the machine has some unexpected psychotropic effects as well." she looks over a moment more. "Em. Are you sure you won't try it? I need to study if it works on dwarves as well!"


Chiddle eventually works his way back to the machine, having eaten his hoofmeat and drank a few glasses of wine. Just in time to see a little girl with Huuuuuuge ears scarpering. "Oh dear." He wonders, "I hope there wasn't anything funny in that last glass of wine..."


Gran turns away from the Elfmaker after seeing what it did to the young lady, fearing for his beard. He backs up to and finds a conveniently planted shrubbery to covertly pour the all-too-giddy elven brew into, before walking back to where the artificeress had relocated herself too. "Quite sure," he says, peering at it, and the massive floppy ears on the child. He holds his hands up and pantomines some floppy ears at the side of his head. "If it gives me ears and hair like that young one, I shall truly be a horror to behold. I believe there is a reason an elf so rarely grows a beard!"


Myrana approaches the machine with evident curiosity. "What a strange invention!" She says excitedly. "Can you set it to taller and skinnier too?"


"You must try it before it goes cold," Farid is absolutely insistant. He dips a spoon in to the bowl of seasoned goat brains and offers it to Sandiel. He will feed her himself if he has to. "It looses something in the flavour when it gets cold." And no one wants that to happen. He's absolutely oblivious to the child with the wobbly ears.


Chandra on the other hand, drops an empty glass and reaches for another, "Gods, this is.." She can't even get out the word wrong, its drown in frou-frou drinks with umbrellas.


Wine. The servants bring more of it--more of it ushered forth in the arms Sandy's servants, though they do the same as her, tripping and falling about in unusual dresses and coat-tails. But, wine is served. More wine is served. It goes so well with the leaf boats and the goat...hooves. Yes. Hooves.


Hanthantha walks in a little closer, greeting other elves in their custom fashion. Does take some of the wine and seems to sniff it first and hhmmms.. Thats about the time the child is potted with wobbley ears, and peers back at his glass, then back at the child. A glance over at the woman tripping or what not in her dress, walks over to an elf who is dressed like they are in charge.


Karelin drinks more wine. "I hope that wears off." Then: "Are they serving unicorn tartare later?"


"Very unfortunate." Valeska says, sighing a little. "Well, at least the scientific value of this variety of device is minimal." she consoles herself, noticing something. She blinks, walking to examine a plant. "I wonder suddenly! Mister Gran, do you know of esoteric agricultural techniques? I could not help but notice you hydrating that specimen of flora with fermented spirits!"

 Ganesa scrambles down from the seat, and rushes over to hug the elven artificer's legs. "Thank you! ...do you think Darshan will like them? Oh...who am I kidding. What do I care what Old Grumpy thinks?" she wrinkles her little nose at her stuffy guardian and her ears go flop, flop, flop again as she hugs Sandy's legs and sways side to side just like a kid will. "I'm an elf...I'm an elf...elf! Elf! Elf!" she sings.

 Chiddle snatches up another glass from a passing server and then sips at it again, as he observes merrily the various people being elfified. "You should try the Goats Hooves." He suggests, "Hotter than a flask of alchemist's fire, but tasty." he offers anyone that'll listen.


For her part, Sandy reaches for another drink. 


She downs it. Swiftly. One gulp. Down the hatch. She leans over to inspect more Veyshanti dishes and says to Chandrakanta, "YEs, well. Your father has interesting tastes. You know, I never really did get into Veyshan cuisine before." A pause, then asks, carefully, "is that an eyeball?" A pause, "I don't want to know, do I." Then she turns around and slowly stumbles away. "Dresses.." She mumbles. 


A blink. 




Gran looks sheepishly at his empty glass and is about to concot an excuse of one sort or another before they're visited by the floppy-eared Ganesa. Gran looks surprised at the sudden leg-clinging guest, but bends down as the little girl with her big floppy ears runs up, and looks at her kindly as he asks, "Oh, now who is this? The lovely Lady Sandiel herself? My, it looks like she's been shrunken in the wash! No, it could not be, I've never seen an elf so fair!"


"It is the food of the deep desert." Chandra explains, after a few glasses of that froufy wine, she's a little less graceful. Tho, she has yet to trip over the saree she wears. "The spices helped preserve the meats. And yes, an eyeball. Those are saved for the honored guests. I've never been allowed to eat them." Which means all the eyeballs are for the special Elves present, Sandy most of all.


Farid corroborates Chandra's words, "Indeed, the eyes are the best part of the meal, followed by the brain soup and the testicles of the goat." Ah yes, these are males goats. "All are here for your pleasure, Lady Sandiel, I am tasked to tell Master Samarin how much you have enjoyed the meal."


"I'm an ELF!" Ganesa says proudly, and spins about. Spins, holding the edge of her dress in small hands before coming to a halt. Her face gets serious, "Yes, my name is Lady Sandiel, and I am going to blow up the world one day." *wobble* She is doing her best Sandy imitation. "And kick someone. ...even though my aunt says that isn't very nice."


Eh, what can it hurt? Everyone is drinking, and so Myrana plucks a goblet from a wobbly passing tray.

     Did Han hear that correctly? 'Eyeballs'? hhmms deeply. Pausing near some elf and asks how long has this been going on here, speaking in elven, and then his gaze settles on the little girl. Rubbing his little goatee, a deep exhale, as he doesn't seem to understand anything thats going on in this place..


Chiddle is suddenly next to Myra. Gnomes can be sneaky like that, "Are you going to try the Elfification Machine?" he asks? His own long ears not quite long enough to wobble. "It's quite an impressive feat of artificery." he informs her then.


"Oh, halloooo!" Sandy calls to the armored elf. "Lady Chandrakanta here wants to ride your unicorn! Is that all right?" That's her immediate response. This is all Chandra's fault. Somehow. 


The armored elf makes his way over, and the unicorn, yes it really is a unicorn, lowers itself onto the ground so that Chandrakanta may climb up onto it. 


Sandy then turns back towards the meal, looking a little green. "Yes, we'll.. definitely find out. Yes." That what hse manages to say.


"Drinks...cheeeeese?" The old elven man from earlier still hasn't found his glasses. He pats Han almost absently atop the skull as he passes by, holding a drink in his spider-veined fingers. His cheeks are flushed, quite flushed, and he licks his fingers, one right after the other. The eyeballs, he blinks at those. Blinks, before another elf, this one standing straight up, takes his hand and pats it. "...teacher. It's time to go home, now."


"Oh.." Chandra grabs another glass of wine as the unicorn is brought over, "What a lovely steed.." She looks down at her attire, "I am not quite certain I am dressed for riding." She glares at Sandy, subtly. 


Poor, dedicated Farid is still following Sandy around, trying his best to get the lady to sit down and eat.


Myrana jumps. "Gah!" She exclaims, then cusses under her breath as she sees she's sloshed some wine on her sleeve. "Mister Chiddle, you did that on purpose," she says, giving the Gnome a look.


Gran seems genuinely surprised to hear that. "Blow up the world? But isn't that where you keep all your things? If I were you, Lady Sandiel," he says appraisingly, as if giving this deep thought, "I'd stick to kicking people. That's much more fun to do, and it's good exercise." It's always worked for him, afterall.


Valadhiel looks over at the dwarf, and asides, "Kicking? But that means you have to get close... how about just throwing something at them. From a distance?" She chuckles wryly, looking around, "I'm not sure if this is exactly elvish... but it's entertaining, that much is certain."


Sandy gives Chandra this smile. It is not a nice smile. Then she nods towards Ganesa. "Once Lady Chandrakanta has had a turn, I think you should do it." She pauses, then says to Farid, "Just a moment. I'll do so momentarily. I swear." Then she eyes Chandrakanta again, "Well, that's all right. I'm sure you'll be okay, sidesaddle." 


"Oh, yes, my lady," says the ceremonially garbed elf. "I am certain of that. I am Suvimellion of the Honored Order of the Moon. Please," he says to Chandrakanta, offering her a hand up onto the mount, even with it crouched. 


Sandy rubs her face. Just rubs her face. And then finally sits down to eat. If she has to eat, then Chandra has to get on the unicorn. 


"Where did Valeska go?" asks Sandy.


Chiddle blinks a bit, "Did what?" He asks. He sips his wine and asks, "Are you enjoying the party?"


Karelin sips his wine, chortling.


Valeska leaves Ganesa to... to do her thing, as she finishes examining the plant. "Oh! I'm here, Lady Sandiel!" Valeska calls out, running back to her miraculous chair to dispense more elfings to people who want it.


Hanthantha raises an eyebrow, as the very much older elf pats him on the head, a glance is given towards the elder elf's student , still speaking in elven "How much wine has he had?" Well unicorns aren't seen everyday, so this one has the attention of the High Elf as he looks on "Excuse me?" this said to the student, as he moves closer to examine the unicorn in closer detail.


"Yes, sidesaddle." Chandra gives another look at Sandy, daggers in her eyes. "I'll take a hand getting on your steed." She lets the elf help lift herself onto the steed. "I've never ridden such an exotic mount." She admits as she takes the reins, "Will you lead me about or.." She talks to the elf. 


At last, Farid puts the plate in front of Sandy. He puts a napkin over her lap, must protect her once white dress.


The child's reply to Gran is cut off by the beating of hooves. Thundering hooves that eat the ground, a rhythmic drumbeat across the earth. Elven steeds make Entrances, and that's what this one is--it carries a man in robes on its back. A stiff-backed, elven man with flowing hair, hair that screams, "Conditioner! Shampoo! Mousse!" at the top of its lungs. One of the servants stops him, and helps him dismount from the horse.


"It's wierd seeing all of these Elves," Myrana admits to Chiddle. "It's a little overwhelming. They're all rather suspiciously good looking." She pauses. "But I suppose! I mean, I'm not very good at parties. Anyway, how have you been?"


Speaking of overwhelming, Sandy is presently being overwhelmed by the aroma of the food that's been prepared for. She begins to, well.. eat it. Carefully. She manages to get some of it down. Blinks her eyes. Her face goes *red*. The spice? Is hitting her. Because this is a Veyshan dice. She begins flailing.


The minstrels pick up, two elves and a halfling. With the wine, the minstral's voice gets "better." That is, looser, and the once-chaste songs of fields and flowers turn to the curves of pretty elven ears. It's enough to make anyone blush most daintily.


Chiddle grins, "Quite well, Quite well. I've managed to perfect my wrist-mounted arcane engine. I've managed to make it small enough to power my. Portable Pyro-Pump." he informs Myrana as he sips his wine, finishing the glass and retreiving another. Given his small stature it's a wonder he's not fallen over, yet. But then, Gnomes are known for being hardy. "Oh my, the songs are getting quite Bawdy. I wonder what kind of party this is turning into..."


Flailing, that won't do, Farid already has a glass of tea ready. "This will calm the spices." And he waves down another of the servants with a dish of yogurt with mint and other cooling herbs, "And this will make the meal more mild." He spoons it over the food for Sandy.


 As for Chandra, she's enjoying riding the unicorn, or so it appears. Its just another equine after all, with a tumour growing out of its forehead. She smiles at the elf, "He's a fine steed.." Letting herself be led about on the mystical creature.


Gran peers up from the small lady to the three large ones that entered, and quirks an eyebrow. He glances for Valeska, and not finding her, looks up at the riders making their Dynamic Entry. "I'm not sure if they're named after food, hair products, or if these were the three that inspired such names. With Elves," he notes in dry tones to the young lady, "everything is possible."


Hanthantha was watching Chandra on the unicorn, or more of watching it rather and about to say something to the armored elf, when the sound of horses entering the area, caused him to look over in their direction. By the way they entered, checks for royality, or any insignia among the three, watching closely.


"I bear a message!" Shampoo-man states, formally. The servant, who'd accosted him, waves her arms. "I'm sure y'do, and this is a party, you--"


The man's face goes a little red. "A letter from Rune! I am to give this message to its esteemed owner, and no other!" He tugs at his stiff collar, as though it's choking him, too. And clears his throat. He manages, also, to make this stiff as he glances around. 


"Sure y'are. And they're busy--can't you give it t'someone--you. You there--" the servant waves, red-faced and frantic to the other noblewoman he knows. The artificer Valeska. "This man has got one of them letters t'deliver..."




50          From:  Valadhiel         At: Wed Aug 12 05:23:23 2009    (Conn)


Fldr   : 0  Status: Unread


To     : Darshan                                                          


Subject: Letter!




To Lady Sandiel,


    On this festive day, I wish I could have made it back to Alexandria to see those that I knew, and perhaps meet those I had not had the fortune of meeting before I left. However, it warms my heart to know that you, Lady Sandiel, have advanced the cause of elvendom among other races, by communicating to them in ways they can truly understand. When others can understand that not all elves can fit into the same mold, no more than humans or dwarves or gnomes can be fit into such stereotypes, then we all come closer to true understanding.


For my true friend, on this most special of days,


Llindriel Anarya


Mistress of Transmutations


Spectrum Lyceum



MAIL: You are sending mail to 'Valeska, Sandy'.


Karelin looks a little shocked. Chandra is on a unicorn. "Hey," he asks a random elf nearby, "I thought you had to be a virgin to ride one."


Valadhiel blinks a bit in surprise at the mention of Rune, glancing over at the new arrival. She shakes her head a little bit, then looks over at Sandy. Then looks at the messenger. And prudently takes a few steps away.


"Wrist-mounted Arcane Engine?" Myrana brightens at this. "How heavy is it? I would love to see it at some point."


MAIL: You sent your message to Valeska.


MAIL: You sent your message to Sandy.


Chiddle ponders this, and he says, "Oh, not too heavy at all. A little heavier than a buckler, not quite as heavy as a metal shield. I've attaclked some polychromatic filtration runic-filters on on the barrels. All you need to do is rotate the barrel, and pull the trigger and BLAM. Any effect you like. So far I've tuned it for ice beams, flame-thrower, and pyrotechnic functions."


When Valeska doesn't respond, the red-faced servant snatches the missive from McShampoo. And walks it stomp-legged towards the table where Sandy is choking. As though the nightmare were not yet complete.


And Chandra heard that, so did Farid. He shoots his Master's daughter a look of concern. She is still riding the unicorn, after all. "Some things are myths." Her words aimed at the drunken Korite. "but you should just shut up, look pretty and drink. We like you better that way."


So now Sandy has a letter to read. And food. She washes the spices down with the tea and other such thigns before resuming eating. "This is, ah, simply marvellous. Yes. Very good. Thank you. But, you know, I'm just full of wine. You'll have to give me a moment." She manages a few more swallows before an eyeball rolls up in her spoon and she nearly drops it, paling a little more than usual. "Yes, just a moment." She sets it all aside and hurries inside. Where she's going to vomit. Messily. Out of sight.


Karelin settles his wine-soaked gaze on the messenger, and focuses -- tries to focus, at least. Then he watches Sandy running.


Meanwhile, the elven paladin is still leading Chandrakanta around on the unicorn. "Yes, he is a lovely creature. He's been with me for decades now," he adds. "Would you like this encarved upon a stone of memory? I have one.."


"No, I think the memory will be enough." Chandra will absolutely not want a picture of herself in a saree and all of that jewelry on a unicorn. "but thank you for the offer." She looks about, "I am certain others want to go for a ride, you should help me down."


"Are you certain? You look quite astonishing. It is very nice," says the elf, holding the memory crystal up, but he doesn't do anything with it. He offers her a hand to help her down from the unicorn, the creature itself lowering to let her slide off with ease.


"That is a fantastic innovation," Myrana says admiringly. Looking around though, she swallows down her other questions. "Hrm..." She smiles and steps back, setting her mostly untouched goblet on a passing tray. "I'd better make sure Gauvain hasn't eaten any nurses alive." Waving, Myrana slinks off, escaping the party quickly.


Gran has reconnected.


"I am quite certain." Chandra replies as she gets down off the unicorn. "but thank you." She begins to look for another drink, noticing that Sandy has run off, "Where did that damned elf go, there is still food on her plate.." Oh, she's paying attention too that Sandy tries everything.


Myrana goes OOC.


Myrana has left.


Karelin continues to sit there in a drunken torpor, content not to move. No, wait. Leafboat ride. Those look comfortable.


Naturally, Ganesa will be next. There will be lots of little girl squealing as she tromps around on the unicorn, saying, "I'm an ELF!" a lot.    Sandy, too, eventually returns outside, holding a letter in her hands. She grumbles something under her breath as she pockets it. "..nnggh."


Gran has partially disconnected.


Karelin splashes around the 'lake' until he crawls into a leafboat, and gets comfy, somehow not tipping it. He settles in to pass out.


Chiddle has disconnected.


Hanthantha wonders about the contents of the letter delivered, and will she be speaking on that openly. A glance back at the other three elves. Seems the unicorn and its rider, will be catering to others, so he begins walking in their general direction, represenatives from the land of magic


Ah, the boats. Chandra hasn't tried those yet either. She swipes another glass of elf wine. "This stuff is going to hurt in the morning." She goes to get into her own leaf boat and float about Lake Sandiel. 


Farid is running after the Lady Sandiel, "M'lady are you well?" He's also a nosy bastard, messages from Rune are curious.


Valadhiel has disconnected.





============================= Plot Announcements =============================

Message: 9/10                      Posted        Author

Help Celebrate Elven Culture       Sun Aug 09    Darshan


In the centers of Alexandria's markets, on sheets of scented vellum and covered in calligraphic script, the elven embassy posts a flyer. It states an event to be hosted this Tuesday, in celebration of the City's elven heritage. The event is to be held at the location of the Lady Sandiel's manor, who, it is said, recognizes the value of improved elven, human, orc, and other funny-eared relations, and is hosting the event.




"We wanted something approachable," said Tariethian, one of the local elven diplomats when asked about the flier. "I understand we have a reputation for being a little aloof, so we wanted to address it. We'll be providing bands, and music--the Lady was /very/ gracious in agreeing to work with us, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the event!" he fluttered.


Participants are asked to dress in an elven manner (not required), and come prepared to eat. Participants may also bring foods from their own cultures, in spirit of the event (TORTURE DELICATE ELVEN PALATES).




Free food. Meet all the new elves. Torture Sandy


This Tuesday, 5:30 PST, 7:30 CST, 8:30 EST, goes until we drop.


OOC: For information or questions, please contact Darshan or Mara.



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